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"Volunteers a Work of Heart"

Volunteer Philosophy

Volunteers significantly enhance the quality of life, community spirit, and leisure time opportunities at Valley Manor. Volunteers are a valuable human resource requiring support and encouragement to maintain and develop their skills, and to ensure their continued involvement in the provision of their valuable services throughout the home.

The Volunteer Process

  1. Fill in the Volunteer Application form you can obtain from the Activities Department, on our website or Contact the Volunteer Coordinator Bev Beanish. to schedule an interview.
  2. After completion of the interview, personal references that have been provided on the application will be checked.
  3. Upon successful completion of interview and reference checks, you will be required to complete a training session in order to begin volunteering.
  4. Every volunteer aged 18 and over will be required to provide a criminal reference check (CPIC) before they start volunteering. Upon submission of the receipt, expenses incurred from the CPIC will be reimbursed.

Call the Lisa Yantha our Manager of Recreation & Volunteers @ (613) 756-2643 ext. 225 for more information.

What you Gain as a Volunteer

Volunteering creates opportunities for the residents of our home. Volunteers help improve the quality of life for the residents and, in turn, improve the quality of their own lives.

Volunteering is a fun way to spend spare time, it looks great on a resume, and it’s an incredibly special way to contribute to your community.

* What you gain as a volunteer:

  • Giving to community
  • Meeting new people
  • Building your resume
  • Helping seniors

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