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Valley Manor Inc. is committed to providing an atmosphere of quality and safety for the residents and the dedicated staff that work here. Valley Manor has implemented many safety initiatives and through our CQI process, we continually monitor and research newer and better ways that we can ensure safety for all staff and residents is always at the forefront.

Resident and Staff Safety is a priority at Valley Manor. It is now included as one of our quadrants that make up our Strategic Framework

Valley Manor strives to create a Safety Culture that features:

  • Continuous ongoing education surrounding safe work practices, workplace harassment and the whistle blowing policy
  • A blame free environment where individuals are able to report safety concerns and  utilize the whistle blowing policy without fear of reprimand or punishment

  • Continuous Quality Improvement through the safety plan that includes action plans for all safety related goals & safety concerns for all staff and residents.

Tina O'Malley
Infection Control Co-ordinator

Phone: (613) 756-2643 ext 235

Ethics Consultation

An Ethics Consultation: What is it?

An Ethics Consultation can be arranged to provide a confidential forum to discuss complex health care situations.

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