We are building for our future at Valley Manor and need YOU for our tomorrow!

Why should we have a Family Council?

  • Allows families to give each other ongoing mutual support and encouragement. Sharing thoughts and feelings with others who are in the same situation can help family members cope.
  • Provides a forum for learning.
  • Gives an opportunity to become knowledgeable about the Home’s operations, policies and rules and provide input.
  • Can help families and the Home form a positive partnership aimed at providing resident care.
  • Gives a “United voice” supporting a “united effort” for positive changes.
  • Can benefit residents who are physically or mentally unable to voice their needs and concerns as well as those without family.
  • Administration and staff may use the FC as a sounding board for new ideas.
  • Family Council does not fund raise.
  • A Family Council handles group concerns, not individual concerns. Family members with specific concerns should speak to the LTC staff an d administration.
  • Provides an outlet for new policy and practices for the LTC home discussions and implementation.

We will be forming a Family Council with your input and assistance.

Please fill out the short survey attached and come on board and join our council campaign! 

     (Return to:   Nancy Cybulskie,  Family Council Liaison by October 24th at 7 pm ).