Job Posting - Activities Department
Rehab Assistant (Certified)
Full-Time – Permanent Position Available
Starting Date : To be determined.

Position Available:-37.5 hours weekly

Performance Requirements: To perform all duties in activity and related therapies for each and every resident of Valley Manor.  To promote and provide a balanced and varied programs of activities that interest and engage residents in the fulfillment of their individual needs and quality of life according to MOH - LTC standards.
Includes: computer work, constant walking, turning, bending, dancing, climbing, lifting, stretching, ladder work, physical labor, equipment moving and handling, safe practice of all of the above.
    ~  Post-Secondary diploma or degree in recreation and leisure, therapeutic recreation,          
        kinesiology or other related field from a community college or university.
        ( FLTCA 2022)
     ~ Experience in activities in long term care is an asset
     ~ Computer literacy (Microsoft Publisher- includes Rai-MDS, POC and PCC)
        Recording and documentation skills.
     ~ Ability to learn, demonstrate and utilize a variety of communication techniques, media and skills in dealing with the elderly and disabled in recreational pursuits.
     ~ Knowledge and courses in behaviors, montessori, gpa etc. an asset.
     ~ Excellent public relations skills, confidentiality and an ability to work well with others in a multidisciplinary team approach in a changing work environment.
     ~ Must successfully complete the orientation program for the Activities department and Valley Manor.
     ~ Enthusiastic and energetic organizational and leadership skills and ability to work effectively unsupervised. 
     ~ Friendly, outgoing, positive, mature attitude, self-starter, dependable ability to perform assigned duties within a flexible work schedule within a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week operation of service.

Duties include: 
     ~ Provision of all aspects of residents programming with activities, policies and procedures and established standards. 
     ~ Computer assignments and setups
     ~ Charting and report completion and assisting with care plans and functional assessments
     ~ planning, motivating and encouraging residents
     ~ adhere to all safety standards
     ~ assist activities staff in performance of all areas and duties in the department.
     ~ availability for flex times and call ins
     ~ perform individual and group activities with residents of all abilities/disabilities  
     ~ assisting with residents feeding when required 
     ~ communications networking - special events, techniques/attend in-service training, education and staff meetings as directed.
    ~ establish, direct and maintain good working relationships will all residents, families, volunteers, staff and outside groups and agencies
    ~ trained in Valley Manor fire plan and disaster plan.
    ~ complete Step Ahead education 
    ~ any other related duties

If interested please apply to :  Kathy Innocente
                                                Human Resources
                                                Valley Manor

Thank you for your interest, only applicants considered for an interview will be contacted.

Posted: Monday, December 11, 2023
Trisha DesLaurier CEO
Gail Yantha DOC